Board & Officers

The governing board of PSW Science is known as the General Committee.  It consists of the following officers and other board members:

Larry Millstein, PhD, JD

President & Program Director

Georgetown University & Millen White, PC

Mark Clampin, PhD

Vice President

NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center

Robin Taylor, JD

Corresponding Secretary

Lepon Law Firm

James Heelan, JD

Recording Secretary

Shaw Bransford & Roth

Brett Magaram, PE


Advantage Engineering

Anne McQueen

Member at Large (Social Media)

Independent Scholar

Eric Epstein

Member at Large

IT Consultant

Zeynep Dilli, PhD

Member at Large

Cool CAD Electronics

Lloyd Mitchell, MD

Membership Director


Jared McQueen

IT Director & Webmaster

McQueen Solutions