The Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington contains the official records ("minutes") of the meetings of the Society.  Each meeting is numbed and the minutes include a record of the topics discussed at the meeting.  Many of the minutes also include abstracts of papers presented at the meeting.  In addition, each Bulletin contains formal papers that were discussed at the meetings and approved for publication by the Society.  Each Bulletin also includes a list of members, the standing rules of the Society, the address of the retiring president, and, often, biographical material on the members.  The first ten bulletins, covering the period 1871-1887, were published by the Society in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution.  Volumes eleven through fourteen cover the period 1888-1904.  Volume fifteen contains only the retiring president addresses for 1906 to 1908 and 1910, obituary addresses, and other invited addresses.  The bulletins were widely distributed among members and academic libraries, including Harvard University and the University of California.


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Volume 1 - March 1871 to June 1874
Volume 2 - October 1874 to November 1878
Volume 3 - November 1878 to June 1880
Volume 4 - October 1880 to June 1881
Volume 5 - October 1881 to December 1882
Volume 6 - January 1883 to December 1883
Volume 7 - January 1884 to December 1884
Volume 8 - January 1885 to December 1885
Volume 9 - January 1886 to December 1886
Volume 10 - January 1887 to December 1887
Volume 11 - January 1888 to December 1891
Volume 12 - January 1892 to December 1894
Volume 13 - January 1895 to December 1899
Volume 14 - January 1900 to December 1904
Volume 15 - January 1906 to December 1910
Volume 16 - 1962

Beginning in 1911, the Society published its transactions in the Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences.  The Society did publish one additional volume of the Bulletin, volume 16, in 1961.  This volume includes an article on the early history of the Society, entitled "Origin and Early Days of the Philosophical Society of Washington," by Francois Frenkiel.  The Society now publishes its transactions, including minutes and video recordings, on its website.

The Policy Studies Organization, through Westphalia Press, has reprinted volumes one through sixteen of the Bulletins.

Copies are available for purchase through Amazon.