The 2,470th Meeting of the Society

January 20, 2023 at 8:00 PM

Powell Auditorium at the Cosmos Club

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cornerstone for Security in the Coming Quantum Computing Era

Lily Chen

Mathematician, Cryptographic Technology Group
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Sponsored by PSW Science Member Frederica Darema

About the Lecture

Cryptography is the cornerstone and foundation of cybersecurity. Public-key cryptography has been deployed successfully to secure communications and establish trusted platforms. However, quantum computers have the potential to undermine current cryptographic defenses.

This lecture will introduce efforts to develop quantum resistant cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, and it will focus on efforts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) to develop cryptographic standards for the quantum era.

The presentation will highlight challenges in standardizing post-quantum cryptography and will discuss strategies for transition to and adoption and adaption of quantum resistant cryptographic methods and standards.

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About the Speaker

Lidong (Lily) Chen is a mathematician and heads the Cryptographic Technology Group in the Computer Security Division, NIST. She leads the development of cryptographic standards published in Federal Information Processing Standards and NIST Special Publications.

Lily has more than thirty years of experience in cryptographic research and applications with academic, industry, and government. Her areas of research include cryptographic protocols, zero-knowledge proof, special featured digital signature schemes, network security, and security for wireless and mobility. She has actively contributed to cryptography and security standards development by the IEEE, ISO, and other standards organizations, as well as NIST.

She is an author on numerous technical publications and a co-author of the textbook Communication System Security, now in use at many universities.

Among other honors and awards Lily received the Silver Medal Award of the Department of Commerce and a Federal 100 Award.

Lily earned a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Aarhus University, Denmark.