The 1,978th Meeting of the Society

April 26, 1991

The Physics of Baseball

Peter J. Brancazio

Brooklyn College

About the Lecture

The game of baseball is rich in tradition and lore, and its practitioners hold many interesting beliefs about the nature of the game. To what extent are these beliefs, as well as the tried-and-true techniques used in the course of play, supported by the laws of physics? A scientific analysis of various aspects of the game leads to some interesting insights. Among the topics to be discussed is a study of the aerodynamics of pitching and the optimum design of the baseball bat. This study exposes some of baseball's myths, but it also enhances one's appreciation for the level of skill required to play professional baseball.

About the Speaker

Peter J. Brancazio is considered to be one of the leading authorities on the physics of sports, and has written numerous articles in scientific journals and popular magazines on various aspects of the subject. He as appeared on 20/20, Newton's Apple, Science Journal, and Innovation. A lifelong athlete and sports nut, and a devoted New York Mets fan, he is equally at home in the classroom and at Shea Stadium.